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About us


the guys behind the camera


Destiny allowed us to meet from two different countries of the world.
There are many things that unite us. The passion for cinema (especially Netflix), music, nature, pizza and a good Belgian beer, but above all the love for animals.
We like to travel, discover new and unknown places, immerse ourselves in traditions and photograph the memories of our travels.

Paola L.

 " Valerio and Katia told us how we were: simple, happy, in love! Nothing seemed trivial, not even a glance! Authentic! Thank you for this second joy, a memory that has come back to life! Unique! "

We consider weddings as a merger
of love and do our best to tell the stories as they are with a touch of art.

We love to film real and authentic people who are not afraid to show their true feelings, their laughter, their tears and their emotions, without hiding their true personality.

Each story is a unique, unrepeatable journey and each of our films reflects this uniqueness with care and a special eye for emotions, the real ones, making sure that your day begins and ends with serenity and that your best moments can be captured with discretion, allowing you to enjoy the moments and the people around you.


All the while, we will be everywhere and nowhere, capturing the emotion and the individual details in an unobtrusive way.

Our style is simple but at the same time elegant and refined, characterized by an intense search for meaningful moments. We want every couple watching their wedding video to remember the extraordinary and magical moment they experienced and not the moment when the videographer told what to do.

It is important to have the feeling that you have chosen the right videographer for your wedding. You can rest assured that Three Seconds Film will capture the special moments of your day and give you a cinematic wedding movie that you will love forever.

We are here for you and look forward to meeting you!



 " Best videography! Will perfectly capture your special day!
Working with Valerio and his team was more than we could have ever hoped for. They were extremely attentive and respectful throughout the entire day. They made sure to capture every tiny detail. Valerio provided us a beautiful trailer soon after the ceremony that was of Hollywood quality. It was emotional and perfectly captured our special day. The full video just blew us away entirely. It not only captured our special moments, but it also included special moments that perfectly profiled our guests and family. Watching the video was the best representation of how I felt on the wedding day, and we are extremely blessed that the video Valerio and his team produced allows us to relive that day in its entirety. I couldn't recommend Three Seconds Film enough. I would work with them again in a heartbeat. They are professional and beyond talented, and a true pleasure to work with! " 

couple in Positano

Hank & Desiree

Positano with drone

" Great experience!
For our video we relied on Valerio and we must say that it was an excellent choice. We were immediately struck by the uniqueness of his videos. Valerio is committed, and a lot. And you can see why the results he manages to obtain are very respectable. I would say more: I would say that he is very talented and original, he knows how to leave his signature, discreet but very special, and manages to bring out every aspect of marriage with a really interesting balance. He was able to put us at ease during the shooting and the cognitive encounters we had with him were very pleasant. Extremely available to our every request, always smiling, he proved to be the perfect video maker for our wedding. In addition to him, we greet with great affection Katia, his assistant and sweetheart, who is second to Valerio in terms of skill. We also added the "drone" option and were absolutely satisfied with the quality of the images and the operator's work. Finally, a very important note in our opinion: the behavior of Valerio and Katia during the ceremony and the subsequent party was perfect.
They were discreet, never intrusive but always present. " 

Paolo & Lina 

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